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How To Survive Life’s Lowest Moments

by Lindsey A. Walker

Thriving Through the Storm is a personal, yet practical how-to that delivers the remedy for surviving life’s lowest moments.


Honestly, everything I was running from came full circle when I got diagnosed with cancer at the age of 27. Please, don’t cry for me unless your tears are tears of joy or you’ve just been taking too many sips of your favorite glass of Moscato because by God’s mercy, grace and favor, I AM HEALED! 

So, how did I get healed from Stage IV cancer in less than six months, while running a business as a full-time entrepreneur, and still find the strength to praise God and pray for others during the process? Find out by grabbing your copy of Thriving Through The Storm  below!



It’s for the thriver that lives inside of all of us! Maybe facing  a cancer diagnosis isn’t your story, I get it! We all have our own storms and life can hit hard, if you let it. Thriving Through The Storm is a guide for women who have had to endure struggles that seem unbearable, but  as you flip through the pages of this book, you’ll realize that you have the strength to overcome anything that comes your way.

  • It’s for the woman who has survived the unthinkable ( survived a divorce, bankruptcy, whatever your personal storms are)

  • It’s for the woman with tunnel vision, looking to rebuild her life

  • It’s for the woman who is determined to let her light shine, no matter how dark her days have been

  • It’s for the hard-working woman, the ambitious go-getter who refuses to give up on her dreams

  • It’s for the woman who is looking for guidance on how to conqueror her biggest obstacles without compromising her desire for success in all areas of her life

  • It’s for the woman who like me, thought she knew it all until her world suddenly came crashing down and she is now forced to take better care of her body, mind and soul

  • It’s for the woman who is tired of surviving, hustling backward and working herself to no end, she yearns for complete restoration



Lindsey A. Walker is a communications expert for beauty, entertainment and lifestyle brands. Her love for connecting brands with consumers and the media alike led her to a career in public relations as the Founder of PR Mentality, LLC, Walker + Associates Media Group and PR Girls Do It Better.

In this powerful memoir, Lindsey delivers a practical yet personal guide of how she overcame one of her most significant life storms- her diagnosis of Hodgkin’s  Lymphoma. Thriving Through the Storm is her compelling testimony of learning to walk in purpose and self-love, no matter the forecast or season.

Working on projects with brands such as  BET, Interscope Records, FX Networks, to name a few and securing press in today's top tier publications, TV Networks and more, Lindsey has established herself as an expert in the world of PR, branding, and entrepreneurship.

A proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, Lindsey has  press features in Black Enterprise, Source Magazine and more. Visit www.walkerassocmediagroup.com. For booking or press inquiries, send an email at the address below!