The Pitch Print Planner


The Pitch Print Planner


​Introducing The Pitch Print Planner!

Eliminate the chaos of organizing and preparing your clients OR your own business for pitching to the media, building a profitable brand and keeping track of your PR Campaign!

This planner is designed to assist publicists and entrepreneurs while planning and activating a Press Plan for their businesses. It is tailor made to meet the demands of pitching to the media, leveraging press + more.

It's time for you to have brand clarity for your business and clients while keeping yourself in alignment during the process. The Pitch Print Planner will take you step by step through the Public Relations/Marketing Process. ​

It includes:

  • 6 month planner, 124 pages

  • Media List Template

  • A DIY Guide For Developing Your Press Plan

  • 24weeks of planning + activating your PR campaign

  • Media Outreach CheckList

  • Pitch Development Checklist

And more! Use this planner to get organized and gain consistency in the media pitching process.

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