How To Sell Out Of Your Next Event


As you all know, our Branding Brunch in Atlanta this past Saturday was a SOLD OUT SUCCESS! Women traveled from all over to be empowered, inspired and learn how to build their businesses while taking their brand to the next level.

So, how did we sell out of this amazing event with monetary sponsors, a Southern Style Brunch and have press outlets like CBS 46, and Her Agenda in the building, you ask?

Here’s how:

1. Have A Vision- It’s not enough to say you want to host an event. What is the vision? How do you want people to feel? What do you want them to walk away with? What is the experience you want them to have? Once you have decided on the atmosphere, you must then figure out, who you want to be apart of the vision. Be strategic in your thinking. Don’t just pick speakers that are popular with no substance. Think about who is going to work best for YOUR AUDIENCE. Also, consider who you’ve wanted to collaborate with that may be a fit for both your brand and your audience’s brand.

2. Planning Is Key- Put a Promo Plan together for both yourself and all involved. For the PRGDIB Branding Brunch, we did webinars, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Periscope. It all depends on where your audience is used to hearing from you the most. Don’t reinvent the wheel on this. Stick to what you know. If you usually Periscope every Wednesday, keep with your routine (if it’s working). Once you send out the plan, be prepared to make adjustments according to your speakers and their schedules. Make things like posting to IG, Facebook and more EASY for them by already having the flyer + caption prepped to send via email.

3. Set A Goal-  Create a budget for your event. Decide how many tickets you need in order to sell out. Once you know your numbers, you can then do a breakdown of ticket sales per week and/or per day. Tweak your social media promo plan as needed

4. Highlight Your Attendees- Get your attendees and other potential attendees excited about your event. Feature them on your website, social media page etc. This will prompt them to share and tell others about the event; giving you free promotion

5. Develop Media Partnerships- Allow the press FREE access to your event in exchange for placement/coverage. Put their logo on materials ie step and repeat, name tags, etc

We would love to hear how our tips helped you! Shoot us an email at More on events coming soon!

How To Land Your First 3 Clients

So you bought your domain, got a logo and business cards created, along with filed your LLC. You officially own a PR firm, now all you need is the clients! Landing your first client can be stressful, especially if you are running your business full time. Here’s how you can land your first 3 clients, get paid and start running the town with PR Campaigns, events, etc.

  1. Collaborate-  As you know, we strongly believe in collaborating with others to reach a win-win for all involved. Reach out to a graphic designer, brand manager and writer. Let them know that you own a PR firm and are actively seeking new clients. Be sure to have your Capabilities Deck packaged to perfection and send it over to them. Offer a referral fee for each client that they send your way, also offer to send them business as well.  You have just successfully created your first Strategic Partnership.See what we did there?

  2. Social Media Is Your BFF- I literally landed my first 2 clients based on a Twitter search! Use social media to your advantage. Post about your services, post previous press links that you’ve gotten for clients and search IG, Facebook and Twitter to see who needs a publicist. Send them a tweet, DM, etc and follow up with your pitch to set up a consultation. Make sure that your page is public, professional and positive. People need your help and are looking for an amazing publicist, go find them and secure the bag!

3. Expand Your Expertise- You need to get more visible in the marketplace. Submit a guest post on your favorite blog that will capture the attention of your ideal client. Secure an interview for yourself on a business podcast where you can give tips and tools on PR and Marketing. Put yourself in a position to create your own opportunities

4. Create A Client Wishlist- You have not because you ask not. Take time out and think about who you really want to serve and why. Then create your ideal client wishlist. Be sure to add their website, email, social media handles, etc. Check to see if they currently have representation and if not, begin to pitch your life a way! You should land your first client in the next 30 Days

5.Host An Event-People need to know that you exist and see what you’re made of. What better way to showcase your skills than to coordinate an event full of potential clients, influencers, media and more? Make this a FREE event. Research and partner with a venue that will allow you to utilize their space for low-to no cost.  Have a well known blogger host the event, invite potential clients, businesses that are apart of the industry you want to work in, etc. Make it a night to remember with networking, food, and a great panel.

5 Ways To Make Money With Your PR Bestie


There's nothing greater than linking up with your PR Besties! Building a rapport with other publicists allows you to vent, gain reassurance, learn new skills and consistently be inspired to keep moving forward in your PR journey! We absolutely love to see PR Girls link up and wanted to give you 5 Ways To Collaborate and Make Money With Your PR Besties.

1. Work On A Client PR Campaign Together- Let's say all of your clients have been in the beauty industry but you want to tap into film. You sent out the pitch and land your first movie! But now what? You've never worked on a film, have limited contacts and no clue where to start! Then you remember that your PR Bestie SLAYS film publicity campaigns. Call her, make sure she has room on her roster and outsource the campaign to her. This way you are confident in the service that will be provided to the client, you can learn a new skillset and make coins with one of your favorite people. That's what I call a WIN-WIN!

2. Referrals- It's Summer 2017 and business is BOOMING for you and your PR bestie. You just wrapped up a client campaign and are now accepting new clients.  Email or call your PR bestie and ask her if she has any potential clients that she can't take on. If this answer is yes, ask her to refer them to you and give her a percentage/referral fee of the account. Depending on how big the budget is, you may be able to send her residuals each month.

3. Write A Bio or Press Release- Your PR bestie calls you and is in panic mode. Her client needs a press release and bio, but she simply does not have time to do it.  If you know you can deliver on her deadline, start creating the content!

4. Coordinate An Event- It's awards season and your client is headed to the Stellar Awards. Both you and your bestie will be in attendance, so why not create extra cash flow and coordinate a gifting suite, press lunch, meet and greet,etc? This way, you develop a new opportunity for your client to build his/her brand and collaborate and make money in the process. Again, another win-win

5. Host A Workshop- Depending on when your slow seasons are, you may have enough time to focus on your own personal brand (which you should always do, but more on that later).  You can connect with your bestie to host a live or virutal workshop!

What are some other ways you've made money with your PR besties? Comment down below!