How To Get More Press For Your Brand


There’s nothing like getting featured in your favorite magazine, blog, podcast. But, it’s not enough to secure press one or two times. In order to gain visibility and maintain it, you need to consistently continue to pitch the media. Stuck on strategy? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to stay in the media.

  1. Understand Media Timelines- Staying in the know is a big part of media outreach. Use editorial calendars to help you plan your product/new service launches so that they are in sync with various story ideas and publications. This helps to position you as an expert and resource to journalists, writers, etc. For example, Essence Magazine’s 2018 media kit will let you know what issue they are working on, when it will be on stands, etc. If you have a beauty product releasing in January, now is the perfect time to pitch editors, put the product on their radar and set yourself up for success with potentially getting a media hit.

2. Know Your Angles- It’s important to know your press angles as they are different for each publication that you pitch. If you are pitching business publications, you want to make sure the story idea has a business related angle, not just your personal story. If you are pitching a story to your local newspaper, etc,you need to include the local tie in as apart of your press angle. To further help with this, write down at least 3-5 potential angles and identify what publications/industries are a fit

3. Be Mindful of Your Schedule + Event Calendar-- When you are preparing to pitch the media, you must consider timing. Most times editors work under deadlines and may need you to be available within a day or two of confirming your interview slot. You must make room in your schedule for unexpected press interviews.

4. Always Follow Up- Following up can either make or break you in the media world. Journalists are often busy on deadline and depending on when you pitch them, your email may fall by the wasteside. This is why you must keep track of who you reach out to, when, and their response time. A typical rule of thumb is following up within 3-5 days of sending your initial email.

3 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Pitching

3 Mistakes Most Business Owners Make.png

We’ve handled publicity campaigns since 2012 and have noticed that entrepreneurs who want to get press for their businesses make 3 common but crucial mistakes that keep them going in circles. Are you guilty of any of these?

1. Pitching and reaching out to the wrong people

2. Not sharing the right story

3. Not having the proper plan in place

These mistakes could have easily been avoided if you knew just a few things.

Before you start pitching, you must get clear on your why and your story.

Publications exist  to tell stories, so you need to make sure that you have something that fits and needs to be told. If you’re wondering how to do that, simply think about why people should be care or be interested. What makes your story different from all the others?

Once you know what story you want to tell, you should create a plan around how you’re going to get the word out.  Without a strategy, it’s easy to remain stagnant and anonymous, and in business that can result in lack of sales, brand partnerships, and visibility

Once you have your strategy in place, you need to create a list of publications that are a fit for your story. Read various articles, pay attention to who the writers are, research their emails.

Then you can create your media pitch based on various industry trends and story ideas of the publications you have researched. This way, you avoid making the mistakes we mentioned earlier and you can start to increase your visibility and brand awareness.

How To Secure A Brand Ambassador For Your Business

secure brand ambassador.PNG

So you’ve created the hottest cosmetics line, your packaging is on point and your website is absolutely stunning. Sure, you’ve even gotten a few press hits, but in order to take to the next level, increase your brand awareness and visibiliity, you know it’s time for a Brand Ambassador. But, what’s the first step? Who should you choose?

Here are 4 tips to help you secure a Brand Ambassador For Your Business:

  1. Focus on YOU- Think about your mission. What celebrity or influencer really embodies your core values? Don’t just pick someone because they have a huge following because that doesn’t mean that their following will translate into potential customers and/or sales. You want to choose someone who: a.) isn’t already working with your competition or someone similar to your industry, b.) is open to collaboration opportunities and can commit your Brand Ambassador Requirements. Create a list of 15-35 potential ambassadors and create a pitch for outreach.

2. Create Your Brand Ambassador Deck- This deck can be created in Canva. It should be around 5-7 pages. In the deck, you will include information about your company, founder, demographics and last but not least, the Brand Ambassador benefits. You need to decide what you are giving your Ambassador in exchange for collaborating with you. For example, you can give them free product every month + a percentage of affiliate sales using a special code.  Depending on who you are reaching out to, you may need to adjust the benefits according tho their needs and best interest.

3. Be Persistent- The outreach process can be daunting but you must be persistent. Again, depending on who you are reaching out to and their schedule, it could be awhile before you get a response. Think strategically. It may be best to start with your local radio/television personality and once you have run a solid campaign with them as your Brand Ambassador, you can use it as a case study to book a bigger celeb/influencer

   4. Protect Yourself + Keep Your Word- Once you secure your first Brand Ambassador, be sure to send a contract outlining all the details, dates they will receive product, how many times you want them to post on social media, etc. Last but certainly not least, make sure you are honoring your end of the deal. Each time you send product, provide them with a tracking number, require signature, etc. Make sure you provide them with all social media handles as this will assist in growing your following as well.

5 Ways To Make Money With Your PR Bestie


There's nothing greater than linking up with your PR Besties! Building a rapport with other publicists allows you to vent, gain reassurance, learn new skills and consistently be inspired to keep moving forward in your PR journey! We absolutely love to see PR Girls link up and wanted to give you 5 Ways To Collaborate and Make Money With Your PR Besties.

1. Work On A Client PR Campaign Together- Let's say all of your clients have been in the beauty industry but you want to tap into film. You sent out the pitch and land your first movie! But now what? You've never worked on a film, have limited contacts and no clue where to start! Then you remember that your PR Bestie SLAYS film publicity campaigns. Call her, make sure she has room on her roster and outsource the campaign to her. This way you are confident in the service that will be provided to the client, you can learn a new skillset and make coins with one of your favorite people. That's what I call a WIN-WIN!

2. Referrals- It's Summer 2017 and business is BOOMING for you and your PR bestie. You just wrapped up a client campaign and are now accepting new clients.  Email or call your PR bestie and ask her if she has any potential clients that she can't take on. If this answer is yes, ask her to refer them to you and give her a percentage/referral fee of the account. Depending on how big the budget is, you may be able to send her residuals each month.

3. Write A Bio or Press Release- Your PR bestie calls you and is in panic mode. Her client needs a press release and bio, but she simply does not have time to do it.  If you know you can deliver on her deadline, start creating the content!

4. Coordinate An Event- It's awards season and your client is headed to the Stellar Awards. Both you and your bestie will be in attendance, so why not create extra cash flow and coordinate a gifting suite, press lunch, meet and greet,etc? This way, you develop a new opportunity for your client to build his/her brand and collaborate and make money in the process. Again, another win-win

5. Host A Workshop- Depending on when your slow seasons are, you may have enough time to focus on your own personal brand (which you should always do, but more on that later).  You can connect with your bestie to host a live or virutal workshop!

What are some other ways you've made money with your PR besties? Comment down below!