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What To Do When An Editor Rejects You


So you signed on a new client!!  You’ve spent time researching, creating their PR Plan and developing the pitch. You are now ready to begin the outreach process and book interviews/features. Your media list is in hand and you’ve spent the past week pitching your heart out!

You get excited when you FINALLY get a response from the editor, only to open an email  that says,

“Thanks for sending this over! At this time, we’re going to pass.”

By this being your first round of pitches for this PR campaign, you were really looking forward to your client being featured in this particular outlet, and now, you are CRUSHED!

What should you do now that they have rejected your pitch? Here are 5 steps.

1. Be Polite- Thank them for their time. After all, they took time out to open up and read your email! Ask them to keep you posted on new + upcoming stories in the future

2. Identify The Opportunity For Growth- Check and read over your pitch. Read it back about 2 times and put yourself in the shoes of the editor. Does it sound compelling to you? Is it too long? Is there enough information? Did you highlight all NEWSWORTHY aspects? If you need to make changes, now is the time to do so before you continue outreach to other publications

3. Find A New Angle- Think about the various ways you can pitch your client. Maybe they are a beauty app founded by an African American veteran. That’s at least 4 different angles: Beauty, App (tech), Black Owned, Business and former military personnel. With those angles, that means there are at least 8 different writers you can pitch to.

4. Timing Is Everything-  In pitching, the timing is EVERYTHING. Perhaps you initially pitched the editor at the end of summer when they had previous stories, deadlines, etc. Keep them on your radar, however, don’t continuously pitch them. Wait awhile. Pitch them again at a new quarter when your client creates a new product, launch, etc.

5. Keep The Faith- Media pitching can be a bit frustrating at times because of the passion that you have for your clients and their brand. No matter what you have to keep the faith in your client, their products and most importantly YOUR ABILITIES! You were made for this! You are an amazing publicist and you get better with time!!! Believe in yourself, continue to study your craft and know that you got this!!! Also, visualize your outcome! Make a vision board of placements and keep it on your desk while you work. Watch how things begin to manifest!

4 Must Have Tools For Every PR Girl

4 must have tools for every PR Girl.PNG

In business, there are different strokes for different folks. In PR, some will argue that all you need is a laptop and a phone to get started. While this is true, living in the digital world makes things a little bit easier when it comes to sending out emails, handling social media, etc. Here are 4 Must Have Tools For Every PR Girl.

1) Right Inbox- This FREE Google Chrome is Extension makes pitching SO MUCH BETTER! It allows you to schedule emails ahead of time. You can set them for 1 hour, 4 hours, tomorrow morning and a specific time. So if you are headed on a secret vacation but still need to crank out work for clients, Right Inbox is your BFF. You can schedule them when you want to and your work for the day is half done. We definitely recommend this tool.

2) Our FAVORITE Instagram tool!! With, all you have to do is go to the website, login with your Instagram credentials, and start scheduling content. You can schedule it on BOTH the mobile app as well as your computer so no matter where you are, posting to Instagram is super convenient. This is FREE up to 30 posts per month! We love

3) Canva is BAE, hands down. Whether you use the FREE service or Canva for work, their templates will have you designing like a pro in no time! From flyers to facebook banners and book covers, Canva is your go to for creating graphics on the go, especially when you consistently need to create content and can’t afford a graphic designer. It is DIY friendly and super fun to play around with and see your designs come to life. Get in to it!

4) Bye Bye Google Hangout! This is the perfect alternative! Zoom is FREE up to 50 attendees and their paid option starts at $14.99 per month. You can meet with clients, staff and host webinars! What’s not to love?

Don’t see your favorite tool listed? Comment down below!

4 Ways To Build A Profitable Brand

4 ways to build a profitable brand.PNG

As a publicist, the goal is always to service clients with excellence! Even though you provide PR services to clients and make sure that their business is in front of the masses, you cannot forget that YOUR BUSINESS IS A BRAND. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in client projects that we forget about our own. Here are 4 ways you can build a profitable brand:

  1. Have A Vision- I know you want to be a success and there’s no doubt in my mind that you will be, but the question is HOW? How are you going to be successful and what does that look like to you? Where do you see you business going in the next 90 days? These are questions that definitely need answers. You’re excited about your new business venture, as you should be, but you get over whelmed with all of the goals, demands, expectations, etc. Take a second and breathe. Now let’s start creating your next 90 days. Think about what you REALLY NEED to accomplish first. What’s priority? If you are full time, you need to figure out how you are going to bring in cash flow. Once you’ve organized your priorities and written down the goals you need to reach, create 3 Action Items for each goal. Write the vision and make it plain! It works!

   2. Get Visible- We’ve talked about this before, but TO EXPAND YOUR BRAND, YOU MUST BECOME A THOUGHT LEADER! People do business with people that they like and trust. In order for them to trust you, they have to get to know you, what you do, and how you can help them. Become a contributing writer for blogs such as Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Forbes,etc. Pitch yourself to do interviews and features, share your story about your life and business.

   3. Remain Consistent- For service based businesses, it can be hard to juggle your branding activities and handle client accounts, but you must make it a priority! Whether you decide to blog every Monday, host a Twitter Chat each Friday or get on Periscope daily, you must have a system in place and STICK TO IT! This is how you build a solid fan base, this is how people grow to love you and want to pay you for whatever it is you are selling. Figure out your schedule, make sure you are putting out amazing content and be consistent! People are counting on you to give them what they need to succeed in their businesses and lives. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

   4. Say Goodbye To Your Competition- The number one mistake that you can make when building your brand and creating a profit, is comparing yourself to other people. It doesn’t matter what you see on Instagram or other social media platforms, everything that glitters is not gold. When you compare yourself to other people, it takes away from your greatness and potential. Entrepreneurship is not easy, no matter who runs the business. Your journey is yours and yours alone. Everyone has their own time, season and place for getting to the next level! It’s up to you to enjoy the journey and trust the process! Your gifts will make room for you!!

How To Land Your First 3 Clients

So you bought your domain, got a logo and business cards created, along with filed your LLC. You officially own a PR firm, now all you need is the clients! Landing your first client can be stressful, especially if you are running your business full time. Here’s how you can land your first 3 clients, get paid and start running the town with PR Campaigns, events, etc.

  1. Collaborate-  As you know, we strongly believe in collaborating with others to reach a win-win for all involved. Reach out to a graphic designer, brand manager and writer. Let them know that you own a PR firm and are actively seeking new clients. Be sure to have your Capabilities Deck packaged to perfection and send it over to them. Offer a referral fee for each client that they send your way, also offer to send them business as well.  You have just successfully created your first Strategic Partnership.See what we did there?

  2. Social Media Is Your BFF- I literally landed my first 2 clients based on a Twitter search! Use social media to your advantage. Post about your services, post previous press links that you’ve gotten for clients and search IG, Facebook and Twitter to see who needs a publicist. Send them a tweet, DM, etc and follow up with your pitch to set up a consultation. Make sure that your page is public, professional and positive. People need your help and are looking for an amazing publicist, go find them and secure the bag!

3. Expand Your Expertise- You need to get more visible in the marketplace. Submit a guest post on your favorite blog that will capture the attention of your ideal client. Secure an interview for yourself on a business podcast where you can give tips and tools on PR and Marketing. Put yourself in a position to create your own opportunities

4. Create A Client Wishlist- You have not because you ask not. Take time out and think about who you really want to serve and why. Then create your ideal client wishlist. Be sure to add their website, email, social media handles, etc. Check to see if they currently have representation and if not, begin to pitch your life a way! You should land your first client in the next 30 Days

5.Host An Event-People need to know that you exist and see what you’re made of. What better way to showcase your skills than to coordinate an event full of potential clients, influencers, media and more? Make this a FREE event. Research and partner with a venue that will allow you to utilize their space for low-to no cost.  Have a well known blogger host the event, invite potential clients, businesses that are apart of the industry you want to work in, etc. Make it a night to remember with networking, food, and a great panel.

Love, A PR Girl: Brittni Brown- The Bee Agency

Bee Brown.PNG

When did you decide that the PR industry was for you?

I decided I wanted to tackle the PR industry when I was Eastern Michigan University. I was Co-founder of a Fashion Week held at my university where we needed to spread the word to not only our campus, but to the heavy hitters in fashion based all over Michigan. It was my job to convey the message and handle crafting while introducing our event to our target.

After repeated sold out shows, I knew this was the space for me.

What inspired you to start your agency?

I wanted to be in control of my own creative genius with no restriction. I learned my own passions while working on my passion and with that, my mind and ability to creatively pitch and publicize a brand is something that I knew without a doubt I wanted to do, but under my own name.

Give us a glimpse of your day to day life as a publicist?

I wake up at 7am and check my phone for any missed calls or notifications.

I checked my calendar and plan out my day, while drafting my to-do list, grab breakfast and head out! Depending on the day  may have meeting with clients, client presentations, client photoshoots, etc. that I have to be present at so it depends on the day and the client project.

I may head to Panera or Starbucks to go on a work block for 3-5 hours to knock out emails, follow up and consultation scheduling.

I hold my consultation during week nights so I may have 1-2 that week to tackle.

I get home around 6p/7pm if I don’t have an event to attend. I get home make dinner, or grab food and get home to watch the news or Scandal :) while getting work done.

Before I go to bed, I’m reviewing my week and planning for the next day with a new to-do list.

I’m in the bed by 11pm ( That’s the goal)

What is some of the best advice you have been given?

You can’t accomplish 100% if your body is at 50%

…That sleep when you die stuff is for the birds; self-care is key.

Name your top 3 PR campaigns to date?

  • The Lip Bar Unveiling of its “ Lip Bar Truck”

  • Detroit VS Everybody PR Push + Eminem collaboration for “Detroit VS Everybody “ feat. Big Sean, Dej Loaf, & Royce da 5’9 & Detroit VS Everybody product / website campaigns

  • The Powerful Women’s  “Power Table”

Words every publicist should live by?

  • Relationships are key

  • Stay ready so you as well as your clients don’t have to get ready

  • Consistency