How To Craft A Story The Press Will Care About

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Okay so you’ve decided to take the leap! You are ready to take your brand to the next level and activate a press campaign. You have a popping website, your Instagram looks clean and you know that you provide an amazing product for your client.  Now, it’s time to reach out to the media and get featured!

You’ve seen a million people get featured on podcasts, magazines,etc. It can’t be that hard, right? WRONG. Public relations is all about RELATIONSHIP BUILDING, being an asset to journalists, writers, producers, etc. In order for you to be an asset/valuable resource, you have to develop a story that the press will care about.  Here’s how:

  1. Pay attention to what they write about- Just because someone writes for Essence, that doesn’t mean that they will write about YOU! Each editor/writer has their own beat/industry that they cover. Someone that is a beauty writer is not going to care about your new tech app unless it is beauty related. So before you press send on that email, be sure that you are paying attention to the writer and the stories they’ve featured in the past. Ask yourself the following questions,

Have they covered this before?

Does this seem like something that they would be interested in?

Why would it be interesting to them?

How am I positioning myself as a thought leader and asset by providing them with this story line.

2. It’s all about New News-  No one wants to continuously talk about the same old thing. After a while, it gets boring right? It’s the same thing with crafting your brand story. Sure, your competition may have just been featured for a similar product, but perhaps you have a different viewpoint. Here’s the thing, there is nothing new under the sun. It is all about how you position yourself. So for instance, if I am a makeup artist that just created a new vegan eyeshadow pallette, as I am preparing to pitch myself to the media, I am going to focus on reasons why I created my palette (for the sake of this example, let’s say I suffered from rashes using MAC/Sephora make up) and it being a timely story, (my pallette will be released Summer 2018) This will be of interest to the press because

  1. You are pitching to editors, writers who cover similar stories

  2. Your product is new/has just been released

  3. You are providing them with information that their audience needs

3. If at first you don’t succeed, try again- Let’s face it, you may not always get it right on the first try. Pitching to the press is about relationships and also trial and error. Sometimes in order to figure out what people will care about, you have to figure out what they don’t care about first. And this takes time. You may want to start with one set of outlets first ie podcasts, bloggers, etc and work your way up. This way, you have time to build upon your story, create and maximize current press opportunities and connect with bigger outlets all at the same time. Following up is key when it comes to creating rapport, getting featured in the press and establishing yourself in your industry

3 Reasons Your Marketing Strategies Aren't Working

So you have a business plan, LLC, website and you are active on social media. You’ve put all this time, effort and yes coins into building your brand and marketing your business. But you still aren’t seeing RESULTS!

It gets frustrating, you get annoyed and on some days you just want to cry, throw your laptop across the room and say “I Quit!”! (or was that just me? LOL)

Instead of having an emotional meltdown, let’s talk about 3 Reasons Your Marketing Strategies Arent Working AND how to fix it!

  1. You aren’t talking to the right people AND not enough people know you exist- In order for you to reach your financial goals, you have to play the numbers game. If you have 200 people on your mailing list, only 10% are going to be loyal customers and buy from you. So that means that you’ve got to figure out how to reach more people; and not just anyone, but YOUR people. Think about what you have to offer and why someone would want/need you to help them with their business. From there you can adjust and revamp your strategy. Collaborate with someone with a bigger audience in your industry, do a brand partnership, etc.

2. You aren’t visible enough- I’ve heard alot of people say “oh I went on Periscope once or twice and it just wasn’t for me”, HUH?? But did you really try? Or were you magically expecting 1,000 people to fall out of the sky and on to your Broadcast. You have to make an EFFORT and be consistent. Use social media to your advantage, get on IG Live and talk about your services/products, pitch yourself to a blog or media outlet showcasing your expertise. The bottom line is you have to put yourself out there in order to properly position your business. No one is going to put you on, you have to take initative and figure out what works for you. Don’t be afraid to start over, it happens to the best of us!

3.) You are afraid to sell- Guilty, guilty, guilty, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cringed at hitting the send button because I was too afraid folks would unsubscribe because they thought I was doing too much! Guess what? People that unsubscribe to your list are NOT APART OF YOUR TRIBE AND WERE NEVER GOING TO BUY ANYWAY! You still have to do your part and give them the information; stop being afraid of selling your products/services (if they are good that is, we will talk later on this). Don’t allow fear to stop you from being great!

How To Land Your First 3 Clients

So you bought your domain, got a logo and business cards created, along with filed your LLC. You officially own a PR firm, now all you need is the clients! Landing your first client can be stressful, especially if you are running your business full time. Here’s how you can land your first 3 clients, get paid and start running the town with PR Campaigns, events, etc.

  1. Collaborate-  As you know, we strongly believe in collaborating with others to reach a win-win for all involved. Reach out to a graphic designer, brand manager and writer. Let them know that you own a PR firm and are actively seeking new clients. Be sure to have your Capabilities Deck packaged to perfection and send it over to them. Offer a referral fee for each client that they send your way, also offer to send them business as well.  You have just successfully created your first Strategic Partnership.See what we did there?

  2. Social Media Is Your BFF- I literally landed my first 2 clients based on a Twitter search! Use social media to your advantage. Post about your services, post previous press links that you’ve gotten for clients and search IG, Facebook and Twitter to see who needs a publicist. Send them a tweet, DM, etc and follow up with your pitch to set up a consultation. Make sure that your page is public, professional and positive. People need your help and are looking for an amazing publicist, go find them and secure the bag!

3. Expand Your Expertise- You need to get more visible in the marketplace. Submit a guest post on your favorite blog that will capture the attention of your ideal client. Secure an interview for yourself on a business podcast where you can give tips and tools on PR and Marketing. Put yourself in a position to create your own opportunities

4. Create A Client Wishlist- You have not because you ask not. Take time out and think about who you really want to serve and why. Then create your ideal client wishlist. Be sure to add their website, email, social media handles, etc. Check to see if they currently have representation and if not, begin to pitch your life a way! You should land your first client in the next 30 Days

5.Host An Event-People need to know that you exist and see what you’re made of. What better way to showcase your skills than to coordinate an event full of potential clients, influencers, media and more? Make this a FREE event. Research and partner with a venue that will allow you to utilize their space for low-to no cost.  Have a well known blogger host the event, invite potential clients, businesses that are apart of the industry you want to work in, etc. Make it a night to remember with networking, food, and a great panel.