Love, A PR Girl: Brittni Brown- The Bee Agency

Bee Brown.PNG

When did you decide that the PR industry was for you?

I decided I wanted to tackle the PR industry when I was Eastern Michigan University. I was Co-founder of a Fashion Week held at my university where we needed to spread the word to not only our campus, but to the heavy hitters in fashion based all over Michigan. It was my job to convey the message and handle crafting while introducing our event to our target.

After repeated sold out shows, I knew this was the space for me.

What inspired you to start your agency?

I wanted to be in control of my own creative genius with no restriction. I learned my own passions while working on my passion and with that, my mind and ability to creatively pitch and publicize a brand is something that I knew without a doubt I wanted to do, but under my own name.

Give us a glimpse of your day to day life as a publicist?

I wake up at 7am and check my phone for any missed calls or notifications.

I checked my calendar and plan out my day, while drafting my to-do list, grab breakfast and head out! Depending on the day  may have meeting with clients, client presentations, client photoshoots, etc. that I have to be present at so it depends on the day and the client project.

I may head to Panera or Starbucks to go on a work block for 3-5 hours to knock out emails, follow up and consultation scheduling.

I hold my consultation during week nights so I may have 1-2 that week to tackle.

I get home around 6p/7pm if I don’t have an event to attend. I get home make dinner, or grab food and get home to watch the news or Scandal :) while getting work done.

Before I go to bed, I’m reviewing my week and planning for the next day with a new to-do list.

I’m in the bed by 11pm ( That’s the goal)

What is some of the best advice you have been given?

You can’t accomplish 100% if your body is at 50%

…That sleep when you die stuff is for the birds; self-care is key.

Name your top 3 PR campaigns to date?

  • The Lip Bar Unveiling of its “ Lip Bar Truck”

  • Detroit VS Everybody PR Push + Eminem collaboration for “Detroit VS Everybody “ feat. Big Sean, Dej Loaf, & Royce da 5’9 & Detroit VS Everybody product / website campaigns

  • The Powerful Women’s  “Power Table”

Words every publicist should live by?

  • Relationships are key

  • Stay ready so you as well as your clients don’t have to get ready

  • Consistency