How To Sell Out Of Your Next Event


As you all know, our Branding Brunch in Atlanta this past Saturday was a SOLD OUT SUCCESS! Women traveled from all over to be empowered, inspired and learn how to build their businesses while taking their brand to the next level.

So, how did we sell out of this amazing event with monetary sponsors, a Southern Style Brunch and have press outlets like CBS 46, and Her Agenda in the building, you ask?

Here’s how:

1. Have A Vision- It’s not enough to say you want to host an event. What is the vision? How do you want people to feel? What do you want them to walk away with? What is the experience you want them to have? Once you have decided on the atmosphere, you must then figure out, who you want to be apart of the vision. Be strategic in your thinking. Don’t just pick speakers that are popular with no substance. Think about who is going to work best for YOUR AUDIENCE. Also, consider who you’ve wanted to collaborate with that may be a fit for both your brand and your audience’s brand.

2. Planning Is Key- Put a Promo Plan together for both yourself and all involved. For the PRGDIB Branding Brunch, we did webinars, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Periscope. It all depends on where your audience is used to hearing from you the most. Don’t reinvent the wheel on this. Stick to what you know. If you usually Periscope every Wednesday, keep with your routine (if it’s working). Once you send out the plan, be prepared to make adjustments according to your speakers and their schedules. Make things like posting to IG, Facebook and more EASY for them by already having the flyer + caption prepped to send via email.

3. Set A Goal-  Create a budget for your event. Decide how many tickets you need in order to sell out. Once you know your numbers, you can then do a breakdown of ticket sales per week and/or per day. Tweak your social media promo plan as needed

4. Highlight Your Attendees- Get your attendees and other potential attendees excited about your event. Feature them on your website, social media page etc. This will prompt them to share and tell others about the event; giving you free promotion

5. Develop Media Partnerships- Allow the press FREE access to your event in exchange for placement/coverage. Put their logo on materials ie step and repeat, name tags, etc

We would love to hear how our tips helped you! Shoot us an email at More on events coming soon!