How To Secure A Brand Ambassador For Your Business

secure brand ambassador.PNG

So you’ve created the hottest cosmetics line, your packaging is on point and your website is absolutely stunning. Sure, you’ve even gotten a few press hits, but in order to take to the next level, increase your brand awareness and visibiliity, you know it’s time for a Brand Ambassador. But, what’s the first step? Who should you choose?

Here are 4 tips to help you secure a Brand Ambassador For Your Business:

  1. Focus on YOU- Think about your mission. What celebrity or influencer really embodies your core values? Don’t just pick someone because they have a huge following because that doesn’t mean that their following will translate into potential customers and/or sales. You want to choose someone who: a.) isn’t already working with your competition or someone similar to your industry, b.) is open to collaboration opportunities and can commit your Brand Ambassador Requirements. Create a list of 15-35 potential ambassadors and create a pitch for outreach.

2. Create Your Brand Ambassador Deck- This deck can be created in Canva. It should be around 5-7 pages. In the deck, you will include information about your company, founder, demographics and last but not least, the Brand Ambassador benefits. You need to decide what you are giving your Ambassador in exchange for collaborating with you. For example, you can give them free product every month + a percentage of affiliate sales using a special code.  Depending on who you are reaching out to, you may need to adjust the benefits according tho their needs and best interest.

3. Be Persistent- The outreach process can be daunting but you must be persistent. Again, depending on who you are reaching out to and their schedule, it could be awhile before you get a response. Think strategically. It may be best to start with your local radio/television personality and once you have run a solid campaign with them as your Brand Ambassador, you can use it as a case study to book a bigger celeb/influencer

   4. Protect Yourself + Keep Your Word- Once you secure your first Brand Ambassador, be sure to send a contract outlining all the details, dates they will receive product, how many times you want them to post on social media, etc. Last but certainly not least, make sure you are honoring your end of the deal. Each time you send product, provide them with a tracking number, require signature, etc. Make sure you provide them with all social media handles as this will assist in growing your following as well.