How To Identify Your Why + Develop Press Angles

In order to create and execute an effective PR campaign, you must understand the fundamentals i.e. how to identify your why, develop key messages a media pitch, etc.

Creating the ultimate PR plan requires you to think outside of the box, be creative and focus on the important aspects of your brand. Before you can begin to craft a media pitch or develop your media list. You must first identify your why in business.

Think about why a media outlet would be interested in featuring you? What do you have going on that's relevant? Why would they be interested in your story?

So, you want to focus on what inspired you to start and your target audience.  Think about why you are attracting the target audience that you have and you what it is you have to offer them. Identifying your why gives a clear angle of exactly what you are going to pitch to  various media outlets and how you are going to pitch it to them.

Think about what problem you help your core audience solve? Why do they need you?  Even if you feel like you haven’t had that much success in business,YOU ARE STILL NEEDED!

People need your products and services and creating your PR plan will help bring visibility to your business (which equals more awareness and potential customers).

For example, let’s say you're just starting out with your lip-gloss company and you have started it because your daughter had an allergic reaction to some lip balm she purchased from the drugstore. That’s your why and apart of your brand story! So when you develop your media pitch, one press angle you could use is: 9 Year Old Starts Lip Gloss Company After Suffering Allergic Reaction.

And from there, you can expand your angles depending on the publications that you are pitching. But remember, it all starts with identifying your why and researching what messages resonate with your audience.