5 Ways To Make Money With Your PR Bestie


There's nothing greater than linking up with your PR Besties! Building a rapport with other publicists allows you to vent, gain reassurance, learn new skills and consistently be inspired to keep moving forward in your PR journey! We absolutely love to see PR Girls link up and wanted to give you 5 Ways To Collaborate and Make Money With Your PR Besties.

1. Work On A Client PR Campaign Together- Let's say all of your clients have been in the beauty industry but you want to tap into film. You sent out the pitch and land your first movie! But now what? You've never worked on a film, have limited contacts and no clue where to start! Then you remember that your PR Bestie SLAYS film publicity campaigns. Call her, make sure she has room on her roster and outsource the campaign to her. This way you are confident in the service that will be provided to the client, you can learn a new skillset and make coins with one of your favorite people. That's what I call a WIN-WIN!

2. Referrals- It's Summer 2017 and business is BOOMING for you and your PR bestie. You just wrapped up a client campaign and are now accepting new clients.  Email or call your PR bestie and ask her if she has any potential clients that she can't take on. If this answer is yes, ask her to refer them to you and give her a percentage/referral fee of the account. Depending on how big the budget is, you may be able to send her residuals each month.

3. Write A Bio or Press Release- Your PR bestie calls you and is in panic mode. Her client needs a press release and bio, but she simply does not have time to do it.  If you know you can deliver on her deadline, start creating the content!

4. Coordinate An Event- It's awards season and your client is headed to the Stellar Awards. Both you and your bestie will be in attendance, so why not create extra cash flow and coordinate a gifting suite, press lunch, meet and greet,etc? This way, you develop a new opportunity for your client to build his/her brand and collaborate and make money in the process. Again, another win-win

5. Host A Workshop- Depending on when your slow seasons are, you may have enough time to focus on your own personal brand (which you should always do, but more on that later).  You can connect with your bestie to host a live or virutal workshop!

What are some other ways you've made money with your PR besties? Comment down below!